Engineering Solutions in Western Australia

A mechanical engineering company needs to  provide a variety of specialized equipment to meet the needs of the mining, construction industry and more. Given this equipment will be expected to work in very demanding conditions, it must be expected to perform as near perfectly as possible. Equipment can be customized for specific needs. All of trhis has been  considered by mechanical engineering Western Australia.

Safety goes hand in hand with efficiency. A well made product will also be a safe product. This equipment may well be expected to operate in some extreme conditions. Therefore, the equipment will be “fit for purpose”, easy to maintain, will last, and will be safe to use.  Again, this is very much a feature of  mechanical engineering Western Australia, who can provide these services.

Therefore, what equipment is available?

Staring with the mining industry, there is the Hydra Drill 360. This is ideal for drilling prior to rock bolt installation. The Hydro Drill 360 is self sufficient. It has its own air and water supply on board. This means that there is no need for hoses and piping to be run through to this machine.

Safety is also paramount. The Hydro Drill 360 , amongst other features, it has over head protection, and high railings. There is an emergency stop mechanism for this hydraulic system..

An essential piece of equipment for the mining industry, is a winder. The mining industry relies on this piece of equipment. This has to be reliable, safe to use and capable. The solution is the 25000 kg, 3 tonne winder. Its main function is to be used with maintenance in a mine shaft. In the case of an emergency it can be used to lift people up the shaft.

A third piece of equipment shows the versatility and range of Western Australian mechanical engineering that is available. This is the Chain Jack System. This is designed specifically to raise and lower heavy loads in confined spaces, such as mine shafts. This was principally designed to move steel linings into place in mine shafts etc. This has to be done with a very high degree of precession,

All of this is part of the MCA Engineering group (MCAE) with an excellent understanding of the Australian mining industry in particular. This expertise extends over a wide field. This includes construction, fabrication and installation services . Combined with this, is an in depth knowledge of engineering, especially mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering Western Australia actually covers all of Australia. Marine Engineering, rock bolting, custom drilling and mine shaft services are just part of the over all range that is available.

Over all project management is also very important. This covers safety management along with quality assurance documentation, A detailed plan and scope of the potential work is combined with thorough plans and drafting. Last and certainly not least, a schedule detailing the over all control of the budget.

For more information

Head Office, Parkes New South Wales

tel: 61 2 6863 4424

fax: 61 2 6863 4251

Queensland office, Mount Isa, Queensland

tel: 61 7 4749 3866

fax: 61 7 4748 3855

email: [email protected]

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