How Often Should You Perform Air Duct Cleaning?

Whether you are hiring a professional contractor or performing the air duct cleaning yourself, there are several benefits to be enjoyed. Hence, experts recommend that you should maintain cleaning services on your air ducts to preserve the health of your family and air quality within your home. But when it comes to hiring a professional contractor in Portland, there are certain fees involved. The fear with most homeowners is that it might be too costly to have to hire professionals all the time. It is therefore important to know the right frequency when it comes to cleaning your air ducts at home in order to make the professional fees worth it.
When to Hire Professional Cleaning
According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, there are three tell tale signs to look out for. These signs indicate that it is time to call on a professional service like Willard Duct Cleaning in Portland Oregon:
1. When molds begin to form on the ducts;
2. When you can see a visible spray of dust released from the duct as air exits the vent; and
3. When there is vermin infestation within your home or see any signs of insects coming out of the ductwork.
Frequency of Air Duct Cleaning
The three situations above calls for immediate attention from professional contractors like Portland – Willard Power Vac. However, you should never neglect maintenance work as well. You should not wait for serious problems or damage to arise before you perform air duct cleaning within your home. You must also perform regular checkup and maintenance to ensure that the air ducts are in good condition.
The frequency with which you must tap into a professional Portland air duct cleaning service should be as follows:
• The idea frequency for cleaning and maintaining air ducts is at 3-5 years, depending on how old the duct is. Hence, be cautious about contractors that recommend you clean it more often than that. Some companies might simply want you to shell out for unnecessary service.
• If you are moving into a new place, it is important to perform a standard cleaning of the air ducts within the house. If possible, you should ask the previous owner about the last time they had their air ducts cleaned. From there, you will have an idea of you should have it cleaned immediately or not.
• Aside from moving into a new place, a new home must also undergo standard cleaning and maintenance of air ducts.
• When you just remodeled your home, air duct cleaning is part of the standard process. Dusts and other particles could be absorbed into the duct work and compromising the quality of air coming out of the air ducts.
• When you have severe case of allergy, it is really important to pay closer attention to frequent air duct cleaning. You would not want to risk your health, or that of your family.
Air duct cleaning is a serious matter. Make sure you hire no less than professionals to get the job done. In Portland, Willard Power Vac has earned its reputation as the #1 cleaner. Visit them to know more details.

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