Proper Fridge Care and Energy Saving Tips

Refrigerators are very important basic home appliance in a household. It is where we store our perishable groceries in order to avoid spoilage. With a fridge in a home, you can easily budget the family’s consumption and it contributes less efforts in going to and fro the grocery stores. Needless to say, when this appliance will not function well as expected, replacing it is not easy. Look for appliance and refrigerator repair Chicago residents trusted to make it run efficiently. It will save you money from switching the existing ones with the pricey new replacement.

As we regard our basic facilities found in our home as important part of our daily existence, we may need ideas on how we can lengthen and maintain their good condition. In order to avoid the unwanted yet necessary fixes you may need for your appliances in your household, hereunder are the vital points to follow in taking care of them, as in the case of a refrigerator:

Temperature Checking

With the help of a thermometer, perform the temperature check of your fridge. Always ensure that the temp is around 35°F and 38°F. Bear in mind that a ref that is set at 10°F and colder will consume more energy. Your Chicago appliance repair professionals will advise you to take this precautionary measure so as to ensure the efficiency of this appliance without spending much on your power consumption.

Coils Cleaning

A refrigerator has condenser coils. They must be cleaned once in a year. You may hire experts to do this because the coils are the sensitive part of a fridge. The appliance repair services in Chicago will brush and even vacuum the coils. By doing this, it will increase the machine’s efficiency by up to 30%.

Regular Defrosting

Some fridge has automatic defrost features while others don’t. Automatic defrosting will utilize lesser energy than its counterpart. In case your ref do not have this kind of setting, do it manually and regularly. It is a worthy practice to do manual defrost once you see that the ice is already one-fourth in thickness. The refrigerator repair Chicago offers will advise you on the proper way of cleaning and defrosting. Check out Premium Appliance Repair for more details.

Regulate the Room’s Temperature

Over an ambient temperature of a room, refrigerators can consume lesser energy to as much as 2.5% for every 1°F. Meaning, in a room with 80°F temperature, your fridge will utilize energy between 22 to 25 percent more. Moreover, place your refrigerator away from your oven and dishwasher because it will also contribute to the possibility of more energy consumption.

Enable Anti-Sweat Feature

The refrigerators will function not only to cool the foods tuck inside, it will also in-heat the areas around the seal of the door in order to avoid condensation. It is the anti-sweat feature of this appliance. It will require to as much as 10% more power when this is functioning. So to shun yourself from increasing electricity bills, try to check if your fridge has this feature then turn it off when not in use.

When worse comes to worst and your freezer or fridge will no longer function as expected, your very first concern is, “I need someone in Chicago to repair my appliance”.  Need not look further, surf the web and check on this website: This is your one-stop refrigerator repair Chicago residents trusted.

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