Soil Contamination and its Risks Imposed

Soil contamination refers to the diffusion of hazardous substances in the soil. These hazardous materials can either lodge in the spaces between soil particles, or they can bond with the soil particles. They are a common irritation to humans. They undermine the growth and development of plants since they contaminate the plants’ roots. As a homeowner, testing your soil for contaminants is always recommended especially when you suspect problems with petroleum products, heavy metals, pesticides and air-bone auto pollution. Therefore, soil contamination test by private laboratories is important so as to alleviate or confirm these worries.
soil contamination test
Soil contamination can also be as a result of peripheral effects of groundwater contamination caused by improper waste disposal or flooding. Humans, animals, and plants can easily get into contact with these adverse compounds. In plants, this can lower their production and growth. It is, therefore, important for you to consider hiring private laboratories to do soil contamination tests in your garden, so as to be sure about the state of your soil. Check out Alliance Geotechnical Pty Ltd
There are innumerable sources of both water and soil contamination. Below is a discussion of most potential contaminants of the environment.
  • Machine shops
  • Incinerators
  • Chemical manufacturing plants
  • Railroad related work yards
  • Medical and chemical waste storage facilities
  • Oil refineries
  • Gas stations
  • Landfills
  • Manufacturing plants that uses gasoline-based products or cleaning solvents
In the event that there is a spill or a leak from any of the above-mentioned organizations, which can either be accidental or intentional, it may result to the toxic chemicals seeping into the ground causing soil contamination. It is important to know that once the toxins have infiltrated into the water and soil, it is very difficult to eliminate them. The process may require the removal of the contaminated soil so as to be treated or neutralized using other chemicals.
Unfortunately, contaminated soil or water has to be sequestered since it is very difficult to remove completely these toxins. When contamination of water and soil goes on without being resolved, it poses a high risk to the development of terminal and chronic illnesses.
Prolonged exposure of contaminants can result in the following problems:
  • Different Forms of Learning Disability (ADHD, ADD, and LD)
  • Can result in an array of cancer types for example leukemia, lung, brain, and skin and bladder cancer.
  • Adverse reproductive effects due to genetic damage caused by radiations.
  • Respiratory health complications such as allergies and breathing difficulties.
  • Teratogenic effects (birth defects, miscarriages, and fatal health risks).
  • Cardiovascular effects.
  • Gastrointestinal effects.
  • Immune system deficiencies. Renal effects are causing kidney complications.
  • Hepatic risks including liver diseases.
High exposure of contaminants can also result in neurological effects. This can include reflex malfunction, nervous system, disorder, and headaches. It is always recommended that, whenever a person experiences multiple of these symptoms to contact a local physician or even the local authorities. It is hazardous for one to consume unsafe water or reside on dangerous grounds. Each country has strict toxic control policies to protect the rights of its people. Such laws also make sure that you are compensated for any health damage caused by such negligent behavior.
If you are concerned about the health of your family, find soil contamination test labs in your area to test your soil for presence or absence of pollutants. Soil contamination test can only be done by highly trained and equipped experts. You, therefore, need to do your homework well so that you get the most competent lab expert to do soil contamination test for you.
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