What Should You Look For When Buying Your LED Strip Lights?

LED light strips are some of the most innovative solutions to emerge in the LED lighting industry. If you need some secondary lighting in your home, then LED lighting can really be a great change. They completely transform the atmosphere in your home, turning it into a little beautiful palace where you can enjoy good times.

LED strip lighting is not only used in illuminating hidden corners of the house, but also in adding colorful accents to your rooms. Depending on the occasion, you can use these to change both the colors and moods of your rooms.

However, not all LED light strips are made the same. Their value varies, depending on the manufacturer where you purchase the LED lighting from. There are also several factors in LED lighting construction that lead to variation in the quality of LED lighting. For example, LED lights are made with different kinds of chips, resistors, and coatings – all of which tend to vary in quality.

If they are of good quality, you can look forward to brilliant lighting and durable LED lights. As they say when it comes to buying electronic components, buy cheap and buy twice. While you do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on LED lighting, it is important to seek out the best quality of strip lighting in the market.

But what constitutes good quality? Here are some important things that you should look out for when buying LED strip lights:

Look at the number of LED chips used in the strip and the distance between them.

Chips that are too far apart in a LED light strip will affect the luminance of the lights, even making them seem unsightly. While these lights come close together, you can look forward to a brilliant and uniform lighting that is also highly-appealing.

In cheaper LEDs, it is natural to expect a strip to be farther apart – hence, exhibiting less luminance when used in your home. To make matters worse, even the chips used might not be of the best quality. As a result, the lighting you have spent so much money on will not really be up to the best quality.

Poor quality LED lighting offer you a false sense of economy. In the end, you will have to spend more to acquire new strip lights when these fail.

Take a look at the PCB track.

The PCB track is a line that connects each LED strip to the next one. The strips are usually made by using copper, which is an expensive material. Some companies might cut corners by using a very thin copper script, which will have negative electrical consequences for your circuit. When your PCB copper strip is thinner, there will be greater heat dissipation in the strip lights. Thus, you can look forward to lighting failure sooner or later. Check this out World Of Thought.

When shopping for strip lights, go for those with thicker and larger copper tracks as these have excellent electrical conduction properties. They also dissipate heat in a more efficient way and as a result, more durable than those with thinner copper tracks.


In poor quality LED strip lights, you can expect the resistors to be smaller in size – hence, putting extra load on the chips used in strips. Again, these are used to cut on costs. In better quality strip lights, appropriate resistor sizes are used. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide


Is the coating reliable and stable or does it crack along the length of the strip. Look at the quality of the coating used. If you are shopping online, you can also read customer reviews in order to determine if a LED strip lighting retailer offers products with desirable features. Browse HTTP://WWW.WORLDOFTHOUGHT.COM.AU/STORE/CATEGORIES/LED-STRIP-LIGHTING/ for more.

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